Welcome to DialIdol.com
  • DialIdol is free & safe software you can use to speed dial votes for your favorite contestants.
  • DialIdol measures the busy signal to predict who will be voted off.
    • DialIdol was 100% accurate for season 9 of American Idol.
    • DialIdol has accurately predicted the winner of every
      American Idol season it has covered.
  • Works with these shows...
    • American Idol
    • Dancing with the Stars
    • So You Think You Can Dance
How DialIdol Works

You download DialIdol software onto your computer.
The software is 100% free & safe.

DialIdol uses your phone & phone modem to automatically speed dial votes for your favorite contestants.

DialIdol records the result of every call, - a vote or a busy signal, then submits this data anonymously to DialIdol.com.
DialIdol.com receives results from people all over the country and uses the busy/vote ratio to produce a prediction.

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